BRFC Dream Cars #9 - 1985 Toyota SR5 Pickup Truck - Enamel Pin

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While I've loved cars for most of my life, my personal 'dream cars' haven't always necessarily been everybody's dream cars. Sure, I like a classic Mustang, but is it at the top of my list? Not exactly.

The 1985 Toyota SR5 Pickup Truck is the ninth pin in a series of pins that pay tribute my own kind of dream cars. This may be the car I've dreamed about for the longest continuous time. Back to the Future came out when I was 4. I'm not sure when I saw it after that, but I watched it about a million times as a kid. Did I want the Delorean too? Of course I did, but from the time this pickup rolled into frame, I've longed to own one, and it's way more practical than the Delorean.Get Biff to polish it up, and get ready to go sleep under the stars in the back with Jennifer. Are those KC Daylighters up top? Of course they are. Did I know what they were as a kid? No, but I knew they looked like they had smiley faces on them, so I was IN. It's like a rolling dream for Marty McFly, a representation of all that life could be in a better world, and when it comes back in time and it's his, and it's so satisfying, even if he doesn't get to drive it. The kind of car dreams are made of.

And consider this a shout out to the whole lost world of actual small trucks while we're at it. Your classic Ford Rangers, your Mazda B series, old Tacomas. So sad the way trucks have just become massive beasts. Bring back the small truck!

Die-struck soft enamel pin. Silver plated metal. Rubber clutch.

1" wide