Don't Die Today - keychain - embroidered patch

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Attach this embroidered patch style keychain to your keys, backpack, or whatever, to give you good luck, or help you make big decisions, or remind you of your everyday goal of just not dying.

Twill fabric keychain is less likely to scratch paint!
Double sided with Don't Die Today message on one side, and skulls and flowers design on the reverse.

This phrase has been stuck in my head since we visited Joshua Tree in March 2018 and I picked up a sticker that said it. The intention there was to tell you to be safe while hiking in the desert, my intention is to tell you to be safe with yourself everyday - whatever that means for you.

Death has been on my mind a lot lately. When you think that any one of us could die at any minute, any day that you don't die kind of feels like a good one, doesn't it? Seems better than the alternative at least. That's kind of the spirit that this design lives in for me. Just don't die today, and then don't die tomorrow, and then keep going like that. One day it won't work out, but until that day, all of those other days are going to be better than that last one.

3.5" wide by 1.4" tall