The Way Things Were - Forever Getting Better t-shirt

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Forget the "new normal" let's just lay the past to rest, and focus on getting better every day.

For me, this shirt is both a commentary on the current world situation, and also an everyday outlook on life.

I say this as someone who has loved the idea of the past - though I realize that the past I picture is fictionalized, and also that, as a straight white cis-gendered male, I'd probably do just fine in a lot of versions of the past - things have got to change.

And they are changing, and the current social climate gives me hope, but they aren't going to change overnight, and they have to keep changing all the time.

We've got to make things better every day, maybe for other people, or the environment, or ourselves. And maybe your making yourself better is just taking a break and binge-watching Detroiters (do it, SO FUNNY), or maybe you're helping someone one on one, or going to a rally, or signing a petition, or going to therapy, or recycling better, or learning a new skill. Whatever it is, I hope you join me in striving for Forever Getting Better.

Small front pocket print (4.25"x3")
Large back print (11.75"x14.75")

Handprinted in Kitchener, Ontario on an Alstyle Apparel 5301 black t-shirt.

From the t-shirt manufacturers website:
4.3 oz (7.15 oz Canada) 100% Deluxe combed ringspun cotton. Super-soft, lightweight, slim-fit tee. Preshrunk to minimize shrinkage. Specs: Body Width: S=18", M=20", L=22", XL=24"